Friday Morning







Today’s photo theme: temptation, life challenges + resolutions, and really the best post-nutritionist appointment breakfast I could have had. Hahaha. It’s just so good. I’m completely satisfied. And bonus: I have two full weeks now to undo this damage and make more progress until my next appointment.. so, it’s like this never happened. Shhh.

So yeah, hi. I’m never, ever here. Lee was gone for two weeks, and not even once did it occur to me to hop on and do some writing. Last weekend I obsessive-compulsively organized our entire house, including refolding and reorganizing all of the clothes in the dresser, closet including linens, towels and bedding.. got rid of three bags of clothes I haven’t worn or just don’t like anymore, and hung up everything not super-casual into our closet. It’s been very nice living out of a normal, user-friendly closet this week. I also cleaned out and reorganized all of the under-sink-cabinets, in the bathrooms and kitchen.. and I now have my eye on similar rehauls for the living room, dining room, and kitchen next. Kitchen will be most difficult.. that will be last. I also want to rehaul & organize my makeup and beauty/skincare supplies.. and, that will be very last. Lol. I need to mandate a no-buy. I say this with 3 different liquid foundation swatches on my arm, as I’m typing. I have come to the ultimate conclusion that instead of paler makeup, I need a vacation. And a tan.

So anyway, while Lee was gone two weeks for work, besides being bored as hell and keeping house like a good housewife, my brother joined our gym & has been working out with me! .. well, a little bit. Like three times, lol. But it’s been fun teaching someone else my routine, and coaching them through the exercises and movements, helping with form and giving encouragement. I like working out on my own, and it being my own thing (which is why this has been my favorite so far — it’s my time, my music, only competing against myself) — but I can’t lie, I like the company too. I went last night by myself (in a fit of girlish rage, after Lee brought home cinnamon brown sugar pop-tarts, which were explicitly banned from the house). I can report back, working out irrationally pissed off works — I am tired, and sore, and had a really great workout actually. And I’m going to blame the low-carbs on my bad moods over food. Just today at the nutritionist, we casually banned beer from my diet for these next few weeks. I’m going to consider this your warning, to everyone who spends any time around me.

Anyway, I am still following my ICF program, and the more I do it the better I get (I am a big fan of instant gratification, and this is pretty close). I’m happy with all my numbers — I’m up to 150 front squat, 255 deadlift, 80 overhead press, and 90 bench press working sets (along w/ the extra accessory work lifts). The other numbers are great too — the number on the scale, and the number on my jeans, which dropped by 3 inches since my last measurements 2 weeks ago. Honestly I couldn’t be more happy to see results that aren’t just scale based. Overall, I just really like how good I am at lifting weights, and I’m really glad I found something I like so much. And while nobody likes getting stared at when they’re working out, lifting more than the boys who stare is the best, most rewarding feeling (ha ha, I’m stronger than you). At least I know they’re staring because I’m kicking ass, and not because I’m grunting or acting like an idiot, like many of the 4-7pm crowd (I still try to go after 8pm).. or maybe they’re just surprised to see a girl, who knows. I could use some new music, but that’s always an issue. I find something I like with a good beat and good pace, and then listen to it to death, and then despise it, and then cringe every time it plays during my workout playlist. Argh.

For like, general life updates.. we have a bunch going on here around the house, and it’s been nice but hectic getting so much done. It’s never ending, but I’m finally feeling better about the house in general. We have new carpets (so nice) — and other than the break in or two, the dogs aren’t allowed upstairs past the baby gate, haha.. which makes the carpets that much nicer. We have new kitchen counters too, which made such a difference to the entire feeling of the whole house. The sunroom, the painting, all of that got done last year.. new driveway, new fence (just gorgeous).. new windows, new sinks.. new kitchen sink too. My to-do list is still a mile long, which is stressful and frustrating.. but it’s nice to stop and admire all of the work that has gotten done. This year has certainly flown by so far — already March 6th! I missed all last month of writing. I don’t really have much to update today, either.. but, I guess this is more than it’s been for a while, so you’re actually pretty lucky, huh.

The next coming weeks and months will bring lots of change. By the end of this year, I honestly don’t know where we’ll be, it’s to be determined. My future, Lee’s job.. house, kids, moving… it’s almost nice to not have a plan. It’s against my nature.. and it’s a little overwhelming actually. But change is good, and it’s vital — can’t just close my eyes and stay here, and watch as everything else changes around me while I pretend to stay the same. I’m excited for my 30’s. For me, nothing was required of me until I was really an adult, and in my mind, that was when I was 30. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin.. I feel like I changed & grew so much in my 20’s, I would hardly recognize who I used to be. So now, I’m actually a little excited to start this next journey! Although, I’ll just concentrate on making it to 30, first.. but — I think this year will be the best. Not there yet!! I am firmly 29 — just making sure that’s perfectly clear, I’m excited but I’m not rushing into anything! Hahaha. Maybe I should concentrate on finishing work today, first. Hmm. Yeah I guess.

So. I’m going to make more coffee. And stay away from the rest of the cupcakes. Yeeeeah.


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Best January Yet


Man, I love this “Spring in January” weather stuff.

This is a big week. We got our carpets redone — it cost me $1000.00 and it took them less than 4 hours, in and out. Buying new carpet makes me an adult. I thought you’d be pleased to know. I officially made an adult purchase, for the officially-adult house we officially own. And, I’m excited about the new carpet. So.. I’m officially an adult. It happened, at 29. Who knew.

Wait. I have a better idea. I am going to refuse to put the bed and furniture back together, and we will happily live in a lofty pillow fortress until we list the house. So.. never mind about the earlier stuff. It was a pretty short-term feeling. I am a wishy-washy adult. I’ll take it.

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Sunday Football


Ah for crap’s sakes. I’ve said this before, funny — but my hobbies seriously do not mesh. Monday-Friday afternoon-ish, I’m fucking focused. I’ve got laser vision — I’m on plan. I’m pre-planning meals entire days in advance, hitting nutrition goals, I’ve got my supplement game strong. Friday at noon I went back to crossfit! So pleased with myself.

Then Friday at 4pm.. until about Sunday post-game.. ah, all bets are off.

No fair! I can even do the low-carb beer thing. It’s the choices I make after those low-carb beers. Or, it might be the shots I take post beers. Not sure (note: this weekend doesn’t count.. I haven’t done so many birthday + Seahawks shots since I can’t remember). I’ll need to find a better balance (it’s only week 1) or I’ll have to go full out beer-banned.. I just don’t can’t let it get to that point! I’ll be extra good from now until Superbowl, I swear..

Still a flippin’ GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!




Ah. The sun shining, blue skies.. happy girl. Back to the gym now. Haha.

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No New Years Resolutions



Hi bros. It’s 2015. This is cool stuff.


It’s already midway through January. I started a new program this week, for the new year — I’m working with a nutritionist to try to make the most of my health & fitness goals, so I’m really excited about it. Instead of just a shot in the dark, trying new things without success, I’m truly going to make nutrition the focus (a first) and any additional benefit from all the work in the gym will just be a bonus. And I’m fairly serious about it all — went even as far to take legit before photos, on top of seeing the MD nutritionist with following a formal meal plan. Lee & I are even both getting body fat testing done Saturday morning.

Instead of just hoping and trying to make this work at the gym, I’ve got a real plan and real focus. I’ve always been a 0% diet and 100% exercise kind of girl — or, a 100% diet (which for me, is completely unrealistic for anything other than the short term) — but fat loss is 80% nutrition & 20% fitness, so I’m going to make changes. (Note – who knew beers were so bad for fitness goals.. oh). I’m tired of trying to compensate for poor eating habits with overdoing the exercise bit and failing (or injuring myself, which is failing but worse).

We’re in week 1 of an official 12-week challenge, so I’m committed at least until then, at which point I’ll check back in with progress (maybe sooner). I excited & truly committed. It’s not a new year’s resolution. It’s not even a before-30 resolution. It’s just a new technique towards a never-ending goal.

Bonus: I’m back up to 125# front squats, and 200# deadlift. I took a 18% hit for the 18 weeks I was out of the gym – awesome, right. Neat for math, boo for progress. Now I’m back to 91% of my PR weight, so getting back there.

It’s a new year. How crazy is that. 2015.

I thought I had more to say. I think that’s it for now though. I’ve been struggling a bit to feel happy and motivated and in a good routine, but I am feeling a little better now. Having a plan helps. Seeing how fast time moves is crazy. The things on my calendar stress me out.. but in a good way. I just need to stay on track. Lots to come this year. Updates soon.

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2015 Goals



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Three More Days!


I should start wrapping presents.

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Yay, Christmastime Things!


Ok. So I didn’t go to the gym.

But I made cookies!



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Here Comes The.. ?


Hi. It’s come to my attention that 1.) I’ve somehow lost the media from my older WP posts, and 2.) that I really don’t update much. I was trying to find my last lift stats (after I realized my photos on my “about me” were gone — and then deciding I should update my “about me” page) .. and the last (and only) time I posted them was back in May. Which doesn’t really matter, because according to Instagram (which at the time, I was relying on to keep track of my workouts), the last time I did any weights workouts was 16 weeks ago — in August, a few weeks after I started barre3.

Which I finished on October 20th.

Which ultimately means I haven’t worked out in 2 months.


So. Everything is making sense now.

A little fact about me: I can decently maintain a fair balance between eating whatever I want (often, in excess — if not quantity, then at least in quality — high calorie quality) as long as I’m equally working my ass off, on a near daily basis, which is something I actually very much enjoy doing. Working out is my favorite “me” time — I love the endorphins, I crave the undeniable easily measured success — each day I go, I’m better. And I love that.

I don’t like eating healthy. 10 years with Lee, I literally don’t know how to eat small portions (I’m trying to learn, really). He can eat anything, so I think I can too. So when I stop working out, things go nuts, and quick. I can literally lose 30 lbs in a month, when I’m really trying. I wouldn’t be surprised if that goes the other way, too.

So.. why the long break? The last 2 months have been busy. Honest. I stopped going to barre3 just right before we went to Florida (which was when my month promo expired). Unfortunately, prices go up from 100.00/month unlimited (new clients) to 170.00/month unlimited, after that first month. Even going nearly every day (I was at 25 days for the month, so 1x a week off-day) I mentally can’t justify 170.00/month. We still have a gym membership (which is like 17.00/month). I still have 5 months pre-paid at crossfit (which I really should do… fear, gah). I love barre3, but can’t.

Two weeks after I got back from Florida, Lee had surgery. Now it’s been 4 weeks (crazy) and for the most part, we’ve both just been taking it easy. The first two weeks were rough. Then it was Thanksgiving. Just now has he started getting back to normal, but he still can’t really workout like he used to, yet — so it’s just not been on my mind. It’s not a great excuse, but either way — looking at a calendar really puts time into perspective! I really had no idea it’d been this long.

So, now that I found the dates, and found the numbers (whoo-hoo) — you can see my starting weights, the 4-week update  (May 22nd), and then at 12 weeks after that, in bold (Aug 2014):

Workout A

  • Front squat — 65# to 130# –> 140
  • Overhead press — 50# to 70# –> 80
  • Deadlifts — 115# to 160# –> 220

Workout B

  • Front squat — 65# to 130# –> 140
  • Bent over rows — 90# to 125# –> 110*
  • Bench press — 90# to #115# –> 90*

Note: I changed from StrongLifts (SL) to Ice Cream Fitness (ICF) around early August, so I didn’t really have much time between starting (3 full rounds, A&B) before I took my break — but ICF has 8 different exercises on Workout A, and 7 on Workout B (so significantly more work, and a longer workout). I went down on a few stats (*) actually, when I switched over — I adjusted my posture to correct form/technique, which took me down a bit (but overall was much better).

ICF Stats:

Workout A
Novice Program
Exercise Sets Reps        Update
Squats 5 5                 135
Bench Press 5 5                 90
Bent Over Row 5 5                125
Barbell Shrugs 3 8                125
Tricep Extensions 3 8                ‘7’ plate
Straight Bar or Incline Curls 3 8                45
Hyperextensions with plate 2 10              25
Cable Crunches 3 10              ‘7’ plate
Workout B
Novice Program
Exercise Sets Reps        Update
Squats 5 5                 140
Deadlift 1 5                220
Standing Press 5 5                80
Bent Over Row (10% lighter than Workout A) 5 5                110
Close Grip Bench Press 3 8                70
Straight Bar or Incline Curls 3 8                45
Cable Crunches 3 10              ‘7’ plate

So — moral of the story — besides my fitness stat updates (and lack thereof)? Back to the gym today!! I’ll try to update more often on how it’s going, maybe post some before & after pics if I’m feeling particularly swole. Hahaha. I am about halfway through my go-to diet/cleanse, which I know will affect my numbers just as much as a 8 week break will (16 weeks if you count last time I did this workout) .. but gotta start somewhere! Bonus: not drinking (really) should help — the one & only true benefit of this diet. This clean eating stuff.. ugh.

But — I’ll have that head start for next year. The year I’ll turn 30. Ah, shit.

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Some Words And Stuff


Ha — you can thank these two (2 — count ’em!) posts today, brought to you by my drafts folder. Past-me had some things to say, and promptly forgot all about them. The others were deleted, but this one was good enough & still relevant enough to share. I like other people’s things! Enjoy.


I don’t write enough. But I still collect my favorite words online. Here are some of them.



“ If you’re nice to an animal, it loves you for life. If you’re nice to a person, who the fuck knows what’s gonna happen. ”

“ I knew it wasn’t too important, but it made me sad anyway. ”

“ Who, in your life, do you remember most fondly, with the most undeniable feelings of warmth?
Those who were kindest to you, I bet. ”
– George Saunders, The Importance of Kindness

“ One day, a long time from now you’ll cease to care anymore whom you please or what anybody has to say about you. ”

“ Your life has thus far been defined by idiots. ”
Magnificent Ruin

“ Love is brutal
when it’s done right ”
Love is

“ Let’s just find people with exactly the same faults we have, criticize them unmercifully, and see what they do. We could learn something. ”
– @ShipInTheKnight

INCIDENTAL COMICS<br /><br /> Words and Pictures by Grant Snider
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Good Morning


I have reasons for showing up to work.

Yup. It’s coffee.


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