My Dream House. Is For Sale. 4 Years Later.



My house is for sale.


They re-did everything.

Everything. For the recently reduced price of 469,950?! 429,000 (listing). From the 190k it sold for in 2010, right before I fell in love with it — and the 303k it sold for after that, almost exactly a year later, right after we bought our current home.

My heart is breaking. Just holy shit.


I can’t believe I even stumbled upon this. My whole world has shifted lol.

The literally did *everything I said* that it needed, 4 years ago, when I talked myself out of wanting the house.


They upgraded my perfect home.

My incredible, unique, historical house.

They did everything it needed, and made it nothing special.


And, worst of all:

They never built that civic center.


Breakups aren’t supposed to hurt this long after.

Oh. Grand, great remorse.


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Oh my god. I laughed. Then I felt bad. Then I giggled.

P.S. follow-up from the comic strip author, omg.

More giggling.

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I’ve Been Drinking.. Watermelon

IMG_20140730_210423 Snapchat-20140730090216 Snapchat-20140730090219

This life is good.

And p.s. — welcome to my photo blog, eh? I talk too much anyway, I’m starting to like the absence of my own voice, hehe. And my voice is still sore from the concert Wednesday. SUCH A GREAT SHOW!

And now I’m ready for a slow, quiet, sunny weekend (fingers crossed — it’s overcast out now). Hello, August. Another fast year.. scary how fast time goes by. I’m actually looking forward to a weekend with no plans, just to have a chance to slow down and do nothing. Lee was just talking earlier this week about this summer, and how we haven’t had nearly the amount of lazy beers and sunshine as last summer, but we’ve had so many more adventures instead, and the adventures have been pretty damn good. So — onto (at least) one last great month of summer!

Of course I’m not happy it’s already August. It’s hard to literally grasp how much has changed since this time last August, how it’s already been another year, another summer! But even though my summer is quickly slipping through my fingers, I’m happy, still. The sunshine makes me a happy person. It’s really that simple. (So psst — sunshine, come back out already would ya).

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And Oh — P.S. <3

I’ve been married for 7 years. I love him.





Bonus video commentary:

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Mondays are hard. Coffee is good. I need some coffee.

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This is the most stunning, hauntingly beautiful song I’ve ever heard. We sat outside under the stars and I listened to it over, and over, and over again.

This morning I woke up from a dream that should have been sad. Months ago & I would’ve been devastated, all that work, back to the start. But it’s just a dream.

Just a bad dream.

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Music Monday


I want my life to be a movie.

(It’s not).

With a great soundtrack.

(Well… it does often).

I want huge plot twists — scenery changes, great lighting. Character development. Amazing casting.

Or, hey — even a commercial, I’m not picky. With a catchy tune, trendy highly marketable message.

I want bright and shiny. Colorful.

Today is weird. This song is making me daydream in illustrations. Off to the gym then.


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Just A Thought

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Something really big has been put into motion today.

Just so you know.


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My Love Is 30


I feel lost. He reminds me who I am.

I feel alone. He is right there.

I feel overwhelmed. He takes care of me.


I am taken aback by how much he loves me.

Even when he doesn’t even know I am hurting. He makes me feel better.


Now I’ve got my coffee, and I’m out of bed. It’s sunny outside, and while there’s much more I should be doing, I’m ok just sitting here for a moment. I feel overwhelmed, but he makes life easier. I love him. I am so lucky to be here. I won’t ever understand what I did to deserve it. But he loves me unconditionally.

It’s his 30th birthday tomorrow. I’ve known him every year of his 20’s. I loved him from the beginning, all this time, the ups and downs. This has been my favorite year — 29. Next year will be even better. I am so excited for what’s to come. I love you so much babes.

Happy birthday-celebration week!!

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